Ukulele Lessons

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The ukulele started in Hawaii but it isn’t just for Hawaiian music anymore! This little cousin of the guitar has become hugely popular with musicians all over the world. It only has four strings (instead of six like a guitar), as well as a smaller body and neck making it much more user-friendly for little hands and fingers. Our curriculum gets them playing songs as quickly as possible and what they learn translates really easily to guitar!

Ukulele lessons at Notasium consist of 30 minutes of 1:1 time with our engaging instructors and can be attended either in-person or virtually.

Students may use their own ukulele if they already have one. First-time students may use a ukulele provided by us. Your instructor will be able to provide insight on what ukulele would be best for your student to practice with at home, whether you purchase it at Notasium or elsewhere.

Students play for FREE on the day of their lesson; siblings play for just $7!