Indoor Musical Play Space

Where Music Meets Play

Music-Based Play Space

Indoor Musical Play Space

We created an interactive, music-based play space that will energize your child’s mind and exercise their energetic bodies! From toddlers on up, kids will explore music and its language with different interactive structures filled with sounds, rhythms and symbols. 

What’s Inside

This custom-designed, musical play space includes interactive structures and instrumets that can be enjoyed by all ages, including:

  • a giant guitar slide where kids can play the notes on the fretboard as they climb up to an adjoining slide which makes a guitar slide sound as they go down
  • inflatable, enclosed drum bounce houses that kids play as they bounce on them
  • the “sharp/flat zone” where kids play organ pedal keys with their feet and watch their notes light up on the grand staff in front of them
  • sound-proofed karaoke booths
  • Interactive “wonder walls” that play music as you touch them
  • Big Lite-Brite-style pegs that allow kids to play notes on the staff

Open Play Admission Prices

  • FREE for Noteworthy Members
  • FREE for Notasium students on the day of their lesson/class
  • $10 day pass for general public
  • $7 day pass for accompanying siblings
  • $5 day pass for non-walkers (free if accompanied by an older sibling)
  • $5 day pass for siblings of Notasium students
  • Grownups are always free, but encouraged to play and sing!
  • Contact us for group rates

What You’ll Need to Play

  • All children must be accompanied by a grownup while in the play space.
  • Before entering the play space, all children will need a waiver signed on their behalf by their accompanying grownup.
  • Socks are required for everyone entering the play space. We prefer regular, non-grippy socks so that folks don’t trip on the slide. We have cute socks available for sale for only $1 if anyone forgets!

Open Play for 1


per child (ages 1+)



per additional kid

10-Play Pack


for 10-plays to be used throughout the year

Noteworthy Members


Learn more about our membership options here.

Reservations are NOT required for open play, but they are encouraged. Walk-ins are always welcome!