Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons Durham NC

The piano is a great instrument for beginner music students because of its easy-to-press keys and left-to-right layout. The fundamentals of pitch and rhythm are easy to recognize and articulate on this extremely well-known instrument. Students first learn to play using finger numbers and spatial relationships before being taught to read notes on the grand staff. No matter what level, fun songs that the student has a part in choosing are an integral part of the instruction.

Piano lessons at Notasium include 30 minutes of 1:1 time with our talented instructors and can be conducted either in-person or virtually. 

Students who take in-person lessons will use pianos provided by Notasium located in our lesson rooms. It’s recommended that continuing students have a piano or a keyboard at home to practice in between lessons—your instructor will be able to provide insight on what will work best for your child. You can even purchase our Note-Friends stickers!

Students play for FREE on the day of their lesson; siblings play for just $7!