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Birthday Party FAQ’s

Booking a Notasium Birthday Party:

How can I book a birthday party?
There are four different ways to book a birthday party with us. The quickest way is to book the party online. You may also email us, call us, or come in to talk to us in person.

Do you require a deposit? If so, how much is the deposit and must I pay it when I book the party?
We do require a $75 deposit to reserve your party time slot. There are some Saturdays that book up pretty quickly and the morning time slots are the first to go. Your deposit ensures that you will have your desired party time.

When do I have to pay the remaining party balance?
You can pay the remaining balance at any time, but if not done so prior to your child’s party we will ask for the remaining payment on the day of the party.

How many kids can we have at our party?
The party price includes up to 15 kids (including the birthday kid), but you are more than welcome to have more kids attend. We can fit about 30 kids in our party room. It is $8 per additional child if you are not doing the add-on bundle. If you are doing the add-on bundle it is $10 per each additional child.

Do you include kids at age one in the headcount?
Yes. We do not charge for kids under one.

How long does a party last?
A birthday party lasts 2 hours. One hour is spent in the play space, 25 to 30 minutes in the activity you chose, and the remaining 30 to 45 minutes in the party room.

Do you have a fridge/freezer that we can use to store our cold items?
Yes, but space is limited. We cannot guarantee that we will have space for your birthday party, but we can try our best to accommodate you. We suggest that you bring a cooler with ice in it to store drinks or other items that need to remain cold.

How many tables are there in the party room?
We have three tables along the wall for food, drinks, and cake. We also have two long tables with benches in the middle of the room for dining.

Does the birthday price cover Notasium providing food and drinks?
No. The regular birthday party package just covers the use of the play space, the 15 kids attending the party, the activity, and use of our party room. We have an add-on bundle that is available for purchase, which includes pizza and cupcakes for the children.

Can I bring my own food or do I have to do the add-on bundle?
We welcome you to bring your own food and drinks for the party room! We also have a cafe surrounding the play space. Feel free to bring light snacks for the adults and kids to snack on while your party is in the play space.

Can I book a birthday party during the week?
No, however, we do have two birthday party slots available on Friday nights if a weekday party is preferred.

Can I book a birthday party on a Sunday?
Notasium has open play on Sundays from noon-5pm. We have one birthday party slot available at 11am before we open to the public.

Can we rent out the party room?
Yes. You may rent out our party room for $75. For further information, please see our Party Room Rental guidelines document.

Can we put snacks in the cafe during our child’s party?
Yes. You are welcome to have snacks out in the cafe during play time, but we ask that the snacks and drinks remain in the cafe and do not go into the play space. Please keep it simple.

Can I come early and set up the party room? If so, how early can I come?
We ask that you come no sooner than 15 minutes prior to your party start time. Our staff sets the party room up with you or for you, so time is not an issue.

What local pizza places do you recommend us to order pizza from?
Pop’s Backdoor. Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s also deliver to us.

Birthday Party Schedule:

What does a birthday party schedule look like?
All parties start in the play space for an hour. Once that hour is up, we ask that all party guests grab their shoes and other personal belongings and make their way into our group lesson room for the party activity. The activity is about 25 to 30 minutes long. The remaining 30 to 35 minutes of the party are spent in the party room for food and cake.

Can we choose how the order of the party events are done?
We specifically organize our party events to ensure every party moves smoothly. Therefore, all of our parties start in the play space, move to the activity, and end in the party room.

Can we shorten the activity time so we can have a longer time in the party room for pizza and cake?
On busy days, there is a quick turnaround between parties. While your party is in the activity, our staff works diligently to clean the party room from any previous parties and to set up your decorations and food. There are no guarantees the party room will be ready before your activity ends. If you would like to shorten your activity, please call ahead and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Party Options:

Which party package do you recommend for my child?
Every child is different, and parents are best in determining their child’s interests and abilities. Our craft activity requires good listening skills, so it is typically a good option for kids 4 years and older. Our musical activity and concert are great options for all ages.

Is one party option better than the other?
All of our party packages are fun and interactive. You can’t go wrong!

Are there any craft options, if so what are they?
We have two craft options available for our birthday parties. The first option is a maraca made using empty water bottles. The kids experiment with the sounds of different ingredients to fill their maraca, using anything from rice to dried beans. After filling their maraca they get a chance to decorate and then put them to use with a quick dance party. We also offer a kazoo made from PVC pipe. After putting their instrument together, the kids get a quick kazoo lesson from one of our instructors.

Can we make song requests for the musical activity?
No! We can consider requests, but for a fully customized set consider the concert package.

What songs/activities are performed for the musical activity?
Our instructors have a variety of different interactive songs and activities from making thunder on our big floor drum to singing along to popular nursery rhymes.

Can I make song requests for my child’s concert party?
Yes! We would love to get a list of some of your child’s favorite tunes for us to perform. We need to get those in the week before the party so our performer can prepare.

Add On Bundle:

What is included in the add-on bundle?
The add-on bundle includes pizza (for the kids), cake (for the kids), room decorations, balloons and quality party favors.
The party favors include a pencil, stickers, tattoos, a package of organic fruit gummies, a noise maker type instrument all in our Notasium plastic cup.

Are the pizzas and cupcakes enough for all party guests (kids and adults)?
The standard add-on bundle covers enough pizza and cupcakes for up to 15 kids, but you can order extra pizza and cupcakes through us. If you would like to do so, please let us know no later than the Thursday before your party.

How much is the add-on bundle?
The add-on bundle is $125.

If I chose the add-on bundle, what is the price for extra kids?
Each additional child is $10 with the add-on bundle.

Can I just order pizza?
Yes. You can order pizza from Pop’s Backdoor through us. If you would like to order on your own, please ask that it be delivered an hour and fifteen minutes after your party start time.

Can I customize, do just part of, the add-on bundle?
Yes, you may pick and choose from the add-on bundle and we will prorate the price for you.

Can we customize the theme of the cupcakes?
Yes, you may request a theme for the cupcakes. Our baked goods are by local Mom and Girl Scout leader, Errin Humbert. If you would like themed cupcakes, please let us know a week in advance so we can confirm that Errin is able to fulfill your request. There may be an additional charge for customization.

Can we buy your cups for our own goody bags?
Yes, they are $3 per cup individually or you can buy a set of 15 for $36

Party Cancellation:

What is your cancellation policy for bad weather?
If we have to cancel a birthday party, then we will try to reschedule that party for another open day or the next day (Sunday) if possible. If we cannot reschedule the party at all then we will refund the deposit.

Will I get my deposit back if I cancel my child’s birthday party?
We refund all deposits for cancellations made before 30 days from your party date.

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