Thomas Burroughs

Thomas BurroughsThomas’s music career began on a plastic toy accordion at the age of 5. On a toy intended for noise making, he copied melodies that he heard his parents singing. Over the years he picked up instruments as soon as he was interested in them, becoming proficient on piano, guitar, bass, and drums. He spent most of his free time in high school playing drums in an indie rock/shoegaze group. In college it was spent playing piano with the Gary Mitchell Band, listening to Vince Guaraldi to keep his sanity during engineering school, and producing electronic music under the name Tom Burrows. Currently, that free time is spent working on music with his wife and her twin, soon to be released to the world.

Thomas plays by ear and by feel, focusing on forming a connection to the “big picture” sound and to the small details of the musicians around him. Anyone who performs with him knows that he’ll notice any time they do something cool, and that they are likely to get a smile and an audible “nice”. He loves music because of the infinite variability in small features that can come together to make a song truly great. With his students, he focuses on these very skills, teaching the subtleties in dynamics and timing that make your instrument come to life, and helping students to strengthen the connection from their ears to their fingertips. He hopes to help make music come naturally to everyone, the way he feels it is natural to him.