Group Music Lessons for Kids

For 5 & 6-year-olds – a weekly, 45-minute class where kids get an overview of multiple instruments and basic musical notation through fun, interactive exercises involving singing and movement. They’ll learn to play and articulate simple rhythms with their bodies, hand-held percussion instruments, and on our giant floor drum. They’ll learn simple melodies as a group, starting on handbells and pitched tubes called Boomwhackers, with the goal of each student being able to read and play the same melodies on the piano! They’ll also be introduced to the basics of the ukulele and how to play their first chords and melodies on this easily-accessible little instrument, which all translate easily to guitar!

The 10-week winter session of our engaging 45-minute group music classes starts the week of March 28th!

NOTEMAKERS Ages 4-7 (In-Person)
$190 ($19/class). This engaging music class allows children to explore the piano, ukuleles, their voice, and many other fun instruments while also learning how to read and imitate rhythms.

Tuesdays at 5:30pm with Kelly In-Person (Durham)


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