Nadya Stratton

Instructor Nadya

Nadya is a talented musician who performs in many professional settings, composes and records her own music, and brings her extensive skills and creativity to her teaching. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance. She specializes in performing and teaching  flute and piano as well as having experience playing saxophone, guitar and bass.

Nadya has performed on stage with consummate jazz flautists like Nestor Torres and Althea Renee. She has participated in symphony orchestras, theater orchestras, concert and marching bands, jazz big bands, and various ensembles at many levels and venues. Nadya has studied under Nestor Torres, Jim Walker, Soo-Kyung Park, and with Amy Porter, Kathryn Umble, Janet Becker, Robin Tryon. She started playing flute with Shery Larson and started playing piano with Martha Popio. 

Nadya teaches flute, piano, ukulele and guitar.